Escalation is a casual 5v5 game mode where teams progress through a series of 12 weapons, including unique items like Raze's ultimate ability, Raze's grenades, and even Brimstone's molotov. This mode emphasizes gunplay, as no Agent abilities are available.


• 5v5 Team-Based: Work together with your team to progress through the weapon levels.
• 12 Weapon Levels: Master a variety of weapons, from pistols to ultimate abilities.
• No Agent Abilities: Focus on pure gun skill and teamwork.
• Health Pack Drops: Eliminating opponents drops health packs, replenishing health, shields, and ammo.
• Win Condition: Be the first team to progress through all 12 weapon levels.

Escalation is a fun way to enjoy time with friends while practicing your aim and experiencing a unique take on weapon progression.