This is a casual Free for All game mode often played by those looking to warm up before competitive matches. Agent abilities are disabled, making it a pure test of aim and reaction time without any distractions.


• No Agent Abilities: Focus solely on gun skill and positioning.
• Health Pack Drops: Eliminating opponents drops health packs, allowing you to stay in the fight longer.
• Win Conditions: Be the first to 40 kills, or have the most kills when the 10-minute timer runs out.
• Weapon Freedom: Choose any weapon you want and experiment to find your favorites.
• Challenging Opponents: Hone your skills against a variety of players.
• Ideal for Practice: Test new sensitivities and warm up your aim before jumping into ranked games.

Engage in fast-paced, action-packed battles on a variety of maps. This is the perfect proving ground to refine your shooter skills. Are you ready for the challenge?