Unrated is the standard VALORANT game mode, where two teams of five compete to win 13 rounds. The match is split into two halves, with teams switching between attacking and defending after 12 rounds.


• Standard VALORANT Gameplay: Experience the core mechanics of the game, including agent abilities, weapon purchasing, and map strategies.
• 13 Rounds to Win: The first team to win 13 rounds wins the match.
• Attack and Defend: Each team takes turns attacking and defending bomb sites.
• Map Variety: Play on a variety of maps from the current map pool.
• Skill Development: Unrated is the perfect place to learn the game, practice new agents, and experiment with different strategies.

Unrated is where players can master their skills, learn maps, and prepare for the competitive mode. Use your abilities to outplay opponents, plant or defuse the Spike, and communicate with your team to secure victory. Listen to the Spike's beeping to gauge the time remaining and act accordingly.

Unrated is your training ground – go wild, engage in countless battles, and refine your skills to become a VALORANT legend.